First you select the outfits you want to use in the photo shoot from our photo collection.
You can choose the style and color of your outfit including for traditional Balinese weddings and various dance outfits, etc. It is possible to combine your own style, step by step creating your own Balinese outfit!
Start dressing a gorgeous costume!
When you have selected a costume, put your luggage in a locker, and begin dressing.
When you have finished dressing a costume, move to the makeup area.
Our professional staff do a good makeup that suit you. Please tell the staff the shades of makeup of your favorite. For men, the makeup is not necessary if do not like.
We have many kinds of hair ornaments. We have a type to put on like a crown, and a type to stab hair with. Since we have the false hair, you do not need to worry even if your hair is short.
It is complete when wear a necklace and put on earrings.
Now you can begin your photo shoot looking and feeling like a professional photo model.
We will prepare several different backgrounds including classic Balinese landmarks such as a Balinese traditional split gate entrance, the Garuda statue, a Balinese Guardian statue, so many to choose from. Our staff will assist you in creating the perfect pose. Several shots will be taken in different poses for your final 12 selected shots.
After shooting, there is a free drink in the lobby with a Balinese statue Ogoogo.
After shooting, remove your makeup, and change clothes, it is all finished.

Stroll Kuta
Get a spa in Fuku Indah
Back to the hotel
Please direct our staff for your following plan.
We are waiting to look forward to a next visit.


After your photo shoot is complete, we will process your images and bring your completed CD photo album to your hotel night of the day or the next day.

If you wish our express service, we can have your album ready in 1 hour!


How are the results?
Free edit your photos !
The photograph is digital, so that
you can keep an eternal album,
you can modify your photograph,
and print it anytime !
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