Q.How much time is required?
A.For 1 person, it will require about 40 minutes and it can be completed for a couple in only about one hour. (make-up, dressing, taking pictures, and change of clothes)
However, when it comes to outfit selection, it may require some time to decide what you want to wear so it is a good idea to decide on your outfit selection from our homepage etc. to some degree beforehand.

Q.What is the latest time I can have my session at night?
A.Please be ready at our studio by 8pm at the latest as our studio closes at 9pm.

Q.How early can I have my photo session?
A.Our earliest photo session begins at 8am so we can pick you up at 7:30am at the earliest.

Q.Can I pay in currencies other than US dollars?
A.Payment made in Rupiah or Yen are acceptable but are subject to exchange rate of the day. We also accept all major credit cards.

Q.Is it possible to take my photos with little or no make up?
A.Please inform our staff if you wish to have your photo session with little or no make up, we are happy to accommodate you. It is a common request especially for men.

Q.After my photo session can I go shopping instead of going back to my hotel?
A.After your photo session we will drop you off anywhere you like in the Kuta area.

Q.When delivered to my hotel, where can I collect my finished CD photo album?
Who should I contact if I do not receive my album?

A.It is a common hotel policy that deliveries cannot be taken to the guest's room and delivery is to hotel reception. Please contact the hotel reception first and have the hotel contact Fuku Indah if your album cannot be found.

Q.Is there anything I need to bring with me to the photo session?
A.Please bring your own make up so you can reapply your own make up after your photo session.

Q.Does my make up have to be removed before the Balinese make up is applied?
A.Yes, once your make up has been removed our staff will apply the traditional Balinese make up and you can begin your photo session.

Q.How many different outfits can I choose for each session? Just one?
A.You can choose one outfit per photo session.


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